Wednesday, January 22, 2014

El Campello Dog Beach - Political Backing At Madrid Tourism Trade Show

beach for dogs el campello
After so much controversy regarding the special Dog Beach in El Campello, especially from local residents, it looked as though the local council were going to back down, but now that idea is well behind us as the Mayor of El Campello Juanjo Berenguer and Tourism Councillor Lorena Baeza are currently promoting the first ever Dog beach in the province of Alicante at Fitur (Madrid Tourism Trade Show), which ends on the 26th January.

So good news for worried dog owners who have already found the fantastic beach down by the "Rio Seco" in El Campello, and hopefully the local residents will see the battle is lost, and that this year there won't be any incidents like there were last year, including scuffles and people leaving poison along the stretch of doggie beach.

The El Campello delegation at the trade show will also be revealing a new Mobile Application called "Minube Quality Programme" that will help visitors find local businesses in Campello, which Baeza said has turned El Campello into a leading tourism destination on the Costa blanca.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Mayor Reveals Plan of Hope For El Campello

Today Juanjo Berenguer, mayor of El Campello has published a letter on the online version of El Informacion, revealing a new plan to boost the local economy.

He begins by saying that some time ago he held a meeting with over 100 people from different fields (doctors, economists, historians, lawyers, engineers, entrepreneurs, designers, vets, actors, musicians, physicists, computer experts etc..) Who have spent years working on the academic curriculum, communication network and design for the future "University of Mare Nostrum" in El Campello.

He went on to say that there was much talk about many things, but El Campello and it's future was the main topic of conversation, and everyone agreed on creating a project that would benefit both the advancement of knowledge, and the town of El Campello itself. Anyway the Town hall's voting council didn't let the plan down, when voting took place on Thursday, 9 January. El Campello, with a large Conservative majority, gave it's backing to the project.

El Campello Town Hall Votes

Berenguer said that We (as a town) should consider ourselves both proud and satisfied of a job well done, with a broad agreement made across all parties. He did though give out a message if unity, as some land owners may not be very happy with the project, and the town hall will be wanting to avoid any public protests.

The Mayor of El Campello said one of his greatest satisfactions of working in politics was to achieve consensus for constructive dialogue among all sections, as in this case, really helping to boost the project's popularity, and with a clear understanding that it would belong to all of El Campello, and not just one or two.

He did though say that the road ahead wouldn't be easy due to the current economic conditions, but that the project wouldn't lack their support, but that they wouldn't be turning their back on the future with such possibilities available, as jobs would be created, and local shops and businesses would finally get the boost they so desperately need.

Sounds good for El Campello, and a new general plan is expected to be published tomorrow, so we can all see who the current owners are of the 1.000.000 m2 of land needed for the complete project. It should appear here shortly:- El Campello General Plan