Friday, December 6, 2013

El Campello Announces Its Christmas Campaign Amidst Criticism From Local Traders

As usual the Marquee will be open, and this year by the Campello social centre and the tradition being that everyone gets drunk on a low budget from the 24th December night up til New Years Eve, while El Campello local traders from "Avd Germanies" ask for more commercial promotions and better street lighting.

The town hall of El Campello will though be funding Cinema, Local Gastronomy, and a fair with rides for the kids as well as the publicity required for such an event on social networks, local media, and bill boards.

The local traders of Avd Germanies just aren't happy bunnies though, and have presented their grievances in writing to the Mayor of Campello, demanding incentive schemes for shoppers to make their Christmas purchases in their commercial outlets, and have also asked for the street to be adorned with Christmas lights as seen in other commercial parts of El Campello.

The local traders actually point out San Juan de Alicante as a good example to follow, but the Campello town hall have defended themselves by saying that public money can only be spent on areas where the "cabalgata" (Christmas Procession) passes.

El Campello really does struggle commercially for about 8 months of the year (off season), so if you do get a chance to visit us this Christmas, then you can actually find a free car park right by Avenida Germanies. (Map Below). It certainly needs filling up to warrant its cost, and so far that has only happened during the heights of Summer. 

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