Wednesday, January 22, 2014

El Campello Dog Beach - Political Backing At Madrid Tourism Trade Show

beach for dogs el campello
After so much controversy regarding the special Dog Beach in El Campello, especially from local residents, it looked as though the local council were going to back down, but now that idea is well behind us as the Mayor of El Campello Juanjo Berenguer and Tourism Councillor Lorena Baeza are currently promoting the first ever Dog beach in the province of Alicante at Fitur (Madrid Tourism Trade Show), which ends on the 26th January.

So good news for worried dog owners who have already found the fantastic beach down by the "Rio Seco" in El Campello, and hopefully the local residents will see the battle is lost, and that this year there won't be any incidents like there were last year, including scuffles and people leaving poison along the stretch of doggie beach.

The El Campello delegation at the trade show will also be revealing a new Mobile Application called "Minube Quality Programme" that will help visitors find local businesses in Campello, which Baeza said has turned El Campello into a leading tourism destination on the Costa blanca.


Andrew Edgington said...

It's nice to know that we will still be able to take our dogs to the beach in El Campello (by Rio Seco)

Good news!

AlicanteGolfVilla said...

El Campello is just up the Costa blanca coast from Alicante, and has the only Beach for dog owners in the whole province... A great place to take your dog to cool down:)

Alicante Homes said...

If you don't fancy the beach at El Campello for a day out for the dogs, then check out the dog park, also by the Rio Seco en El Campello (Alicante)

Web Marketing Alicante said...

You'll normally find other dog owners down at the special beach for dogs in El Campello by the Rio Seco.

Dog Owners: A great opportunity to practise your Spanish:)

Turismo El Campello said...

Hi everyone!! We are so glad to hear that the beach for dogs at #ElCampello is suitable for most of you. More info about this beach at