Saturday, January 1, 2011

El Campello 2011 - No Smoking In Bars And Restaurants

Happy 2011 from El Campello!!!

Well, today really is breaking news not only for El Campello, but for the rest of Spain. An immediate smoking ban is now official, BUT you may be interested to know how this new some what democracy in Spain works as far as notifying businesses in Spain...

There is a system here whereby everybody has to inform themselves about new legal changes, which is to have the obligation to check out for yourself any changes here -

It goes without saying that any business like a bar that needs to know about any changes to the law need to be aware of this page and understand Spanish, otherwise how will they really know that they could be paying a €3000 tomorrow - oh well, that's how a modern democracy works in Europe.

Anyway, that's this years breaking news for El Campello and the rest of Spain, and it could be the beginning of a new era in Spanish Politics that probably already have enough on their plate with the current economic crisis.

I personally believe that Spain has given into EC pressure to get to this point, so that Spain in some way gets a bail out for the mistakes that have been made in the construction sector, and for the corruption that has existed here amongst both leading political parties over recent years.

So why should the Spanish MAJORITY have to accept this undemocratic step? Or any EC member citizen living here too?

I am not qualified enough to give you the answers, but I leave you with some photos of the last people smoking in Spanish bars and restaurants in El Campello.

The end of an era in Spain...

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